Konopiště, a gate to history

In times, when there are new attractions built nearly every week, it is not very easy to stay popular and visited touristic destination. Thanks to the beautiful palace Konopiště does not have to solve this problem. The unique combination of beautiful surroundings, charming architecture, interesting history, preserved and well equipped interiors, many legends and romantic stories makes this place unforgettable. Every piece of this nice mosaic should be the reason for your trip there. Konopiště is really one of the most beatiful and popular places in Czech republic.

Come here anytime, in any season and Konopiště will ensure, that you will not leave this place dissapointed. In the spring you will be charmed by the view on the wakening plants in the palace´s garden. The summer offers strong aroma and nice colours of wonderful roses in the famous Rose garden. The autumn always prepares another wonder – a view on the surface of Konopiště fishpond that is decorated by richly coloured leaves and in which the majestic silhouette of the palace towers reflects. And in the winter you may ice-skate on the frozen pond surface. No matter in which season you visit Konopiště, it will charm you everytime.

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